1. How can we contact for support and sales queries?

Ans. We have online live support system available at the working hours (9:00am – 6:00PM IST 5:30 +) to provide support on Sales and Support queries.

2. Any kind of training provided along with the purchase of application?

Ans. Yes, there is free 3 days of training program will be conducted at the client place or even client can opt for scheduled live video conference.

3. Can we get any demo regarding this application?

Ans. Presently we do not have any live demo link. But we have live video – conference demo, which can be requested with our contact us page.

4. Does this application include any Refund Policy?

Ans. Refund Policy is not applicable on this application.

5. What is the mode of payment towards the purchase of this application?

Ans. Client can pay through Cheque, Demand Draft (DD) in the name of “Tecobytes Solutions Pvt. Ltd.“ or pay through NEFT/RTGS transfer through online banking with bank account details provided through Quote or Invoice.

6. Can we order this application with custom requirements along with the some default modules displayed on the website?

Ans. Yes, you can place an order with your custom module requirements. The custom modules will be quoted separately apart from default selected modules from our website.

7. How are the custom modules quoted?

Ans. Custom modules for this application are quoted on developers working hours.

8. If we require any personal training for our staff personals, can we get the training program fixed for it?

Ans. Yes, we do provide personal training program by either visiting your working place or hold live videoconference for your each staff personals.

9. Is there any charges applied for personal training program needed apart from your default free 3 days training?

Ans. You have to bare expenditures for our technical staff traveling, lodging and training fees, only if you select the option on having training program at your working place. If you select to have live videoconference, you need to pay only training program fees.

10. How fast the technical support queries are resolved?

Ans. All technical support queries are resolved within 1-24 working hours. In case of any complication in query asked, the development department will estimate the time required to resolve the query.

11. Is there any sort of legal bond or contract to be signed before ordering the application?

Ans. Presently there is no such kind of legal bond to be signed for ordering the application. Only mutual contract will be provided by our company, which needs to be signed by you.

12. How much flexibility can we get with the pricing?

Ans. According to the requirements, certain discounts will be applied on the application to be purchased.

13. Where and which type of server will be provided along with the application purchased?

Ans. USA Cloud Windows Server will be assigned to each client depending on the purchased package of the application.

14. What majors are taken for data security and backup?

Ans. As we provide “Cloud Server” for each individual client. Whole server database is safe and secured. Apart from the server security, we have added Dual login system and in case of password lost, we have implemented with password-reset option on valid email address verification. With cloud server your data is stored on multiple servers giving 95% data safe guarantee. In case of any hardware issues, we have implemented with download database backup option in the application. Where client can download the backup, whenever feel like doing so.

15. Name of the company developed “GoInkFree Cloud Application“

Ans. Company Name is “Tecobytes Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

16. Where is the company and head office located in?

Ans. Location of company: City: Hubli, State: Karnataka.

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