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About Goinkfree

GoInkFree application is developed with sole motivation to improve the standard of educational system followed in every school.

Any institution being small or big always strive to prepare well-organized system to keep records easily accessible and can be used, but fail to do so with all the process being done manually. Loosing files or documents related to students, staff, management is day-to-day agony faced by each school. GoInkfree completely reduces such kind of issues by 95% keeping all the data easily Accessible and Secured.

GoInkFree provided on latest Hybrid Cloud Technology gives centralized access to all the organizational units with the respective permissions for each individual making their work easy and get it completed ten times faster then the normal procedure.

You need not invest for any specific hardware’s or software’s to run this application. It simply runs on any web browser (high recommended Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) with Internet access must be constantly available on any devices like PC, Tablet, Smart Phone etc. Below we have explained main four organizational/institution units, which covers each function of school management and help in running it in a well-organized way.

Some of the major problems faced by each education institution or organization are noted below:

Most complicated arrangements of files and documents, not able to access easily when needed.

Procedure to access to small data is long and complex.

Getting the information is either out dated or inconsistent.

Functionality of administration or any related operations are scattered among different organizational units.

Main Modules Intro

GoInkFree application is developed with sole motivation to improve the standard of educational system followed in every school.

The Management holds main sub-categories like:

    (Office Clerk Dashboard with allotted functions).
    (Library Dashboard with allotted functions).
    (Hostel Dashboard with allotted functions).

The teacher plays an important role in this application, keeping this application active with all the day-to-day activities going on inside the clients like attendance, homework, each student performance analysis, conducting exams, etc. Teachers get information’s regarding staff meetings, management notifications, and assignments notifications.

The teacher also holds permission to add each student performance details in specified categories according to CCE module, which is created according to the educational board instructions. The teacher also can generate the report according to the approved format.

Additional Features that Teachers include are:

  • Live chat system with parents/guardian’s
  • Schedule meeting with individual or whole class parents/guardian’s.

Parents, GoinkFree

Nowadays parents being busy with their work schedules do not get much of the time to concentrate on their children`s performances. And they are not able to get the proper output from the schools regarding this matter. Here in this application, each student's parents are provided with parent portal login details after the admission, where they will have access to view day-to-day performance analysis of their children`s.

Parents can request for a live chat schedule with the assigned class teacher or subject teacher as per availability status. Also, they can ask for a scheduled meeting at the school with getting an appointment from the respective teacher.

Students can view their performances, get updates related to assignments assigned to them, Homework updates, attend all online examinations conducted by the teachers, Daily Time-Table, Events Update, Parents Meeting updates, Library Book Due dates, and Payment dues related to transport facilities, Tuition fees and etc.

Students also can give their suggestions and feedback to the teachers and management with respective improvements in the quality of education provided.

Our Features

Cool Features You will enjoy using

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We know that your requirements might be different from what GOINKFREE offers. GOINKFREE is Easily Scalable(suggest new module or customize whole application as per needs, without loosing existing data)

Data Security

Each client will be provided with private cloud server, which is more Secured and Auto Backup System Enabled. Keeping the data safe. SSL encryption feature is also provided on demand.

Graphical Reports

GOINKFREE offers Graphical Analysis on the Performance of schoool finance, students, teachers, classes and sections. Graphical reports provide vital Analytical Details of the Data.

Affordable Pricing

GOINKFREE offers the lowest TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) for enterprise softwares in Education sector. Our solutions and services will be affordable for schools and colleges of any size. Variable pricing are provided suiting every institute/organization.

Cloud-Based Application

No extra hardware or technical knowledge is needed to implement GOINKFREE. All you need is an internet connection and basic computer knowledge. Stop worrying about the data loss! A regular back up of all your data is safely stored in cloud and can be easily retrieved at any time.

Advanced User Management

Give privileges to your different staffs according to the way you like. You can have Full Control over what a user can do and what not. Also you can promote the staff into different designations by auto changes of permissions getting into affect without doing anything manually.

User Friendly

Anyone with basic knowledge in computers will be able to use GOINKFREE on first login without any instructions needed. Well informative forms and modules presented to the user to operate easily.

Addictive Features

The teachers, students, parents and employees of your institution will love to use GOINKFREE for their daily activities. With many features reducing their workload by 10 times, will help them concentrate on academic work.

Frequent New Modules

We launch fresh and upgrade existing modules every month. This increases the usability of GOINKFREE, without loosing existing database you can upgrade to new modules or upgraded modules.

Use of Server

The application will be installed on our own hyprid private cloud virtual servers making them available for you 24/7 around whole 365days of a year. These servers are mounted in TIER III Datacenter located in Germany, Frankfurt connected with Full-Duplex 100Mbps Network Line.

Student & Parent Login

Students and Parents have their own individual login access to GOINKFREE. They can access their dashboard from anywhere around the world. Parents can fix their appointments with the respective teachers anytime. Students can also view their performances.

Staff login

The teachers and non-teaching staff of your organization have separate login access to GOINKFREE. Use this feature to automate the system and process of your institution. Employee can view their profile and their work assigned 24/7 from anywhere with their respective logins.


GOINKFREE covers more extensible modules to help you improve the management of the institution. Presently SMS, GPS Vehicale Tracking, Biometric Attendance, Video Conference modules are available as add-ons. These addons are charged separately apart from the main application.

Custom URLs

You can set custom web address for the GOINKFREE installation. For example: www.yourschool.GOINKFREE.com or www.yourschool.com/GOINKFREE/ . In case your institution does not feel like having a website, our company provides free sub-domains to you in the name of your company name.

Custom Modules

The modular architecture of GOINKFREE is optimized for customization. Unique needs of your institution can be implemented as Custom-Modules in GOINKFREE. These modules will be developed exclusively for your institution as per the requirements specified.

FREE Training Program

1-10Days of FREE TRAINING PROGRAM will be conducted at each Institute/Organization after subscription of the GOINKFREE Application. Our Program Co-Ordinator will be visiting the customer place on agreed scheduled time and explaining in details regarding the application to all teachers, management, office staff personals.

Experienced Developers

We have the best experienced developers who will be constantly working on the GOINKFREE. Evolving the application with latest updates on the existing modules & introducing new modules. We make sure that application is updated with latest changes occuring in the Education System. So there will be no lose of connectivity between users & our company.

Secure Access

Personalized login credential system helps in secure usage and control of each and every user accounts. For Management and office staff specific hardware binding is enabled, where they can login through only their registered hardwares. They cannot login with valid logins with unregistered machines.

24/7 Support Services

Contact us anytime during the working hours of the company. Get friendly and professional support. Our server engineers working 24/7 will make sure your application does not get down for long time. Any issues occured will be covered within few mins without loosing data.

Scheduled backup & Restore

Your Data is safe. Thanks to our scheduled backup service. Besides backup creation all changes made to the database will be updated daily for hassle free recovery. You can operate the application without worrying about data getting corrupted.

Custom Reports

Custom report is a specialized report of your transactions for a time period that you specify. The custom report plugin gives you the power to generate different kinds of reports in the way you like. You can set the fields of the reports.

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